In the year 2000, 18 year-old entrepreneur GT made his mark as the youngest professional pen designer and maker in the world.

Under the direct tutelage of his father, renowned knife maker Brian Tighe, designing and creating functional art pieces just seemed to come naturally for GT. Today, timeless design, precision craftsmanship and noble materials are the classic signifiers of a GT pen.

To GT, innovation is the key, beginning with materials; the use of pure titanium is a trademark, in addition to the use of fossil ivory, stainless steel damascus, mokumé-gané, sterling silver and gold, as well as others.

”My goal was to produce a timeless product with a marriage of form and function,” GT says.

“I continually strive to create the finest handmade, elegant writing instruments for my sophisticated clientele, and it is my sincere hope that you find my site both enjoyable and informative.”

“How GT makes his pen”

The nib is 18K red gold two-toned with rhodium. The pen is carved from solid titanium, which is a refractory metal, so the colour you see is produced without dyes.

The colour formed is dependent on the thickness of the oxide, which is determined by what voltage of electricity is introduced to the part. The final hue is created by the interference of light spectrum reflecting off the oxide surface with light traveling through it and reflecting off the underlying metal surface.

Each pen is made one-at-a-time by GT. Each titanium part is individually machined from solid material and then precision engraved and selectively coloured. Each pen design is first created in GT’s head and then designed on CAD.

Now GT has partnered with William Wagner Geneva to create bespoke and limited edition fountain pens under the label William Wagner Geneva while the signature of GT remains on the nib of the pen as signature by the artist.

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