The AP Limited Editions pens are extraordinary works of art that tell a story. They are also perfect writing instruments. Our unique themes, inspired by nature and culture are handcrafted by master artists across the world. Expanding the traditional definition of ancient art techniques, our compositions are deliberated by the world’s most gifted craftsmen and exceptional artists who are able to skillfully apply absolute precision on a rounded pen surface. We have explored heritage traditions of lacquer art from Japanese Maki-e techniques to Russian Miniature Art styles, adding a unique flavor to create pens that journey through time, taking the best of the past to new horizons into the future. Our editions also include a very special line of silver and enamel pens and an exquisite line of one of a kind, jeweled pens .It has taken our company less than a decade to establish ourselves as a pen maker of repute. Over the years, we received several nominations for the Best Pen of The Year in various categories, and were awarded the Best Maki-e Pen for 2013 by Pen World 

APLE is founded by AP, an avid pen and art collector. His fascination for collecting pens began at the age of nine when he learned fine penmanship. AP spent his early years in India and his teenage years studying in England, where he nurtured his passion exploring fountain pens in the vibrant city of London. He immigrated to the USA and became an active member of the pen collector fraternity. Driven by the passion for pens and the value of art traditions, AP spent years exploring heritage art forms that could be applied to pens and studying the technical features required to produce pens of the finest quality. AP Limited Editions is the realization of AP’s vision and passion to produce a perfect writing instrument that is also a work of art.

APLE was established on February 19, 2006, in Los Angeles, California. Our offices are located in the USA, in the city of Irvine, California and in Singapore.

AP is the recipient of many awards: “Cover of Pen World” in February 2016 – the leading magazine for pens in the world. It was also nominated for the best pen of the year, the best Urushi Art Pen and Best Fine Art Pen in 2015.

APLE has partnered with William Wagner Geneva to create bespoke and limited edition fountain pens under the label William Wagner Geneva while the signature of APLE remains on the nib of the pen as signature by the artist. The first project is now live under “Horology No I” limited edition.  

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